The BEST holiday credit card this year, here’s why

By on December 6, 2012

NOTE: This offer has since expired.  Check out the new Discover It card or Click Here for additional Cash Back Credit Card Offers.
It’s that time of year when the whole world is out at the mall or shopping at Marshall’s trying to snatch up the best deals. Why not try shopping online this year, earn cash back, and avoid lengthy lines at the store? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s easy, and there isn’t any catch.

Let’s discuss the best holiday credit card, and some of the reasons why we think it’s so good. My first credit card was a Discover card. Discover’s cash back categories change each quarter of every year. For example, in Q1, you may be able to earn 5% cash back at gas stations and restaurants. In Q2, it could be movie theaters and department stores. These categories are set at the beginning of each year. RIGHT NOW, in December, the cash back categories are online shopping and department stores.

Discover card perks this quarter:

Perk #1: Earn 5% cash back on purchases ANYWHERE YOU SHOP ONLINE.
Perk #2: The rewards don’t stop at cash back, Amazon right now has been offering special promo codes for Discover card holders (Disclaimer: Amazon promos can change at any time). Some of these codes allow for FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING (a $20 value) on any purchase you make through Amazon with your Discover card, and free standard shipping.
Perk #3: Also earn 5% cash back at all department stores. Between online, and in store shopping, you have almost all your bases covered for earning money back on buying holiday gifts.
Perk #4: No Annual Fee.

Discover allows you have a ton of flexibility with the money you earn back on your purchases. For instance, on Amazon, if you pay for an item with your Discover card, any cash back you’ve previously accrued can be put toward that item. You can also have Discover send you a check once you hit their threshold.

There’s really no reason to wait and anyone who isn’t cashing in with Discover this December is missing out. Signing up for a Discover card is easy and free. In addition, there’s no annual fee and a 14 month 0% intro APR period. The card can sit in your wallet and you don’t have to think about it. You’ll be safe from being charged interest for 14 months if you carry a balance, BUT, please don’t carry a balance. We here at CreditMedium like to advocate paying off your bill every month. Be responsible with your credit and it will be very good to you. You can choose Your Discover® More Card right here.  Questions? Please use the comment section below.  Being a long time Discover card holder, I’ll answer from experience with this card.


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