New Discover Credit Card Perks, The “it” Card

By on January 4, 2013

I previously announced Discover would be launching a brand new card offer unique to the credit card space. That card is now here.

For the everyday consumer who doesn’t want to stress about unnecessary fees and prefers a straight forward, 5% CASH BACK credit card, this is one of the best bets out there. Only two cards come close, but don’t offer the simplicity of the it card, those are the Chase Freedom and the American Express Blue Cash. With the it card, you will NOT pay fees – and they mean it. The offer below will get you no annual fee and no over the limit fee. If you travel, you wont be charged a foreign transaction fee abroad.

A closer look at the new Discover Credit Card Perks on their “it” Product

A well known, attractive rewards program – The Discover It card offers a cash back rewards program to the consumer with Good to Excellent credit. Every 3 months, the categories you can earn 5% cash back on change. Earn a whopping 5% cash back each quarter on up to $1,500 in purchases. The categories rotate, but typically include restaurants, movies, gas, home improvement stores and drug stores to name a few. You will need to enroll each quarter to earn cash back, but it only takes one click. I was able to do it from my iPhone simply by clicking “Enroll” when Discover sent me an email. I didn’t even have to log in to my account. If you spend money outside of the current 5% category, you’ll still be earning 1% on all purchases.

0% Intro APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers – Right now, when signing up for this card you’ll receive a 14 month 0% APR promotional offer from Discover on purchases AND balance transfers. That gives you over a year to transfer a balance interest free and avoid interest on your everyday purchases. Once the introductory period ends, your APR will be a variable rate of 10.99% – 22.99%, depending on your credit profile.

No Annual Fee – As you watch your rewards balance rise, take comfort in the fact that you wont be throwing it away by paying an annual fee.

Use your cash back easily – Have you racked up a significant cash back balance? You can claim it as a statement credit or receive a check in the mail. Another unique aspect with Discover is that they have partnerships with many online retailers. For instance, if you enjoy using Amazon, you can link your Discover it card to your Amazon account and use your cash back to buy items right on the spot. It couldn’t be simpler.

Unparalleled customer service – While I’m fond of Chase’s customer service as well, Discover has received awards for service to their customers for over 13 years in a row. Now, with the Discover it card, calling customer service will direct you right to a real person. No more waiting in lines or speaking with machines.

Opportunities for additional cash back throughout the year – Another unique move by Discover. Myself, and others who hold Discover cards have received multiple offers in the mail to earn up to $150 cash back by spending a certain amount of money each month on the card. It’s the same concept as receiving a signup bonus when you first get a credit card, except you don’t need to open a new card account. Discover has been offering $150 cash back to customers who spend $1000 each month for 3 months. On top of this bonus, you’ll be earning cash back simply by working towards the spend requirement. That’s pretty encouraging to know you can receive cash back offers while already having an open card account. Note that we can’t guarantee you will receive these additional offers, but if you’re a good customer and pay your balance off in full every month, there’s a VERY GOOD chance you will be targeted.

Pay off your balance when it’s convenient for you – Discover will let you decide when you want to pay off your balance each month. Just pick a date and you’ll have until midnight that day to make a payment. Separately, if you miss your first payment, Discover wont penalize you as a new card member.

Student? Discover is now offering a $20 Signup Bonus on the Student Version of their It credit card.

While not the biggest bonus ever, it’s still a nice Discover credit card perk. Most student cards come with no signup bonus. If you’re a soon to be college student, or are already enrolled – the student offer below is a safe bet since the fees are so minimal. You’ll be thanking yourself almost immediately when you realize how nice the flexibility is being consumed by college life.

Additional Details on the Discover it card


[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Summary of the Discover It Card” description=”The It card is a cash back credit card issued by Discover. It’s quickly becoming very popular among consumers who don’t want to worry about fees typically associated with cash back cards. Earn up to 5% cash back in popular spending categories that rotate through out the year. With no annual fee or foreign transaction fees, it’s a great card to keep in your wallet year after year.” author=”Charles” user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

Comments or questions? Ask us below! You’ll get a response from an editor who carries a Discover card. If you’re looking for another no annual fee card offer, we recommend you take a look at the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express.

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