3 Free Flights with the Spirit Airlines Mastercard

By on September 24, 2013

Spirit Airlines is not typically one of those airlines most travel enthusiasts tend to associate with much reward optionality or luxury. That being said, this offer is significant in that its signup bonus alone will score you a few easy round trip flights. The Spirit Airlines MasterCard credit card is currently offering 15,000 bonus miles as a signup incentive to new customers. Currently, ONLY Spirit Airlines Mastercard holders can redeem flights with as little as 5,000 miles. That 15,000 signup bonus actually equates to 3 round-trip OFF-PEAK tickets. This is significant, especially for a low cost airline that has so many route options. Reward redemption on Spirit Airlines without their Mastercard credit card starts as high as 20,000 miles, so you’re already at a huge advantage if you carry their credit card.

15,000 Bonus Miles after your first purchase – If you signup for this card, and just make one purchase within the first 90 days of opening your card account, Spirit will award you 15k miles. These miles can earn you up to 3 round-trip flights during off-peak hours. Note that there are taxes and fees associated with using these reward miles, however they are usually as low as $5.

World MasterCard Acceptance – Since it’s a MasterCard, you can use your card almost anywhere credit cards are accepted world-wide.

2 Points for every $1 spent on all purchases – This is big. No matter what carrier you prefer, earning 2 points per dollar on all purchases with the Spirit Airlines Mastercard, you can begin redeeming reward flights for as few as 5,000 miles. This is not possible with many other carriers, and not possible if you don’t have this credit card.

Miles Wont Expire – As long as you use your card just once a month for one purchase, anywhere, your miles will never expire.

No Blackout Dates – There are never any blackout dates associated with flight redemption when you use your earned miles.

No Annual Fee for the First Year – There is no annual fee on this card during your first year of being a card holder. After 365 days, the fee becomes $59.

5,000 Bonus Miles with Spirit can net you a round-trip flight to a large variety of premier destinations.

Cabo San Lucas
The Caribbean
Ft. Lauderdale
Montego Bay
Myrtle Beach
New Orleans
San Diego
West Palm Beach
…and more.

You can signup for this offer at Bank of America’s secure application page.

Did you receive a similar offer in the mail? Visit www.mynewcard.com to signup if you’ve been preselected. You may also qualify for a special 7 month introductory APR rate!

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