2% Cash Back Priceline Credit Card Still Available

By on April 6, 2013

Priceline and Barclaycard recently updated one version of the Priceline Credit Card. Now, it looks like they’ve adjusted the old offer as well, but it still gets you 5x the points on Priceline.com purchases and 2x on everything else.

The 2% Priceline Credit Card Stands Out.

You might be asking yourself…”who really cares about the Priceline credit card?”  I hear you. But this card at a 2% cash back accrual rate stands out among other cash back credit cards. There simply are no other DECENT card offers out there that give you 2% cash back throughout each year with no annual fee. Except the Fidelity Rewards Amex, where cash back accrues at 2% and is deposited directly into a Fidelity Investment account.

If you want a 2% cash back card, you can apply for the older Priceline Credit Card offer at Pricelinevisa.com.  We’re not sure whether current and new card members will retain the 2% rate or it will drop to 1% if both offers are changed. Priceline and Barclaycard also just changed the signup terms for the 2% cash back credit card offer. You can now get 5,000 points after your first purchase and an additional 5,000 points if you transfer a balance to your new card in the first 30 days of opening the account.

Our Opinion

The most recent Priceline credit card release (seen in the table below), is a decent offer because of the signup bonus.  But without 2% cash back on all purchases, the value of the card is diminished.  If you frequent Priceline.com, the signup bonus still makes it a good option in conjunction with 5x points on Priceline purchases.

Note that they’ve already changed the terms of the signup bonus and introductory rate.   We don’t know how long this card will stick around.  You can see a comparison of both current Priceline Credit card offers below.

Disclosure: If you sign up for a card, I may earn a small commission on the new offer, but not for the old one.  You should always base your decision on what suits your personal needs the most. Please feel free to post questions or comments related to either Priceline credit card offer below and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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