US Bank Go Mobile card lets you make purchases by waving your Phone

By on March 21, 2013

New tech is awesome!! Especially when it ups the convenience factor for consumers.  U.S. Bank is making major moves with their credit cards and the US Bank Go Mobile phone application – allowing card holders to pay with their mobile phones just by waving them over a terminal.

The service is called “Go Mobile” and is available exclusively to U.S. Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature cardholders (for now).  The tech is pretty nifty, and you’ll need to download the US Bank Go Mobile app and sync it with the card.  Your iPhone 4 or 4S will also need their custom case – but it has some valuable features.

The case itself contains a microchip called an NFC (short for Near Field Communication). This chip is specifically engineered to communicate with other nearby devices.  One of these devices is the Visa payWave terminal, which is sprouting up at retailers across the country.  The custom case interacts with the payWave terminal, allowing you to securely pay with your phone in seconds.

More advantages of the US Bank phone case.

In addition to NFC technology, this case also has an extended battery within it – allowing you to charge your phone simultaneously and extend battery life by 50%.  

Beta Stage: The US Bank GoMobile service is still in its beta stage, which is probably why it’s only available to FlexPerks Travel Reward cardholders. Currently, GoMobile is only supported in Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah. However, NFC technology is beginning to take off, so we can probably expect other banks to follow suit over the next decade.  Keep an eye out for Visa payWave terminals at restaurants and retailers.
(Look in the windows for the symbol) 

If you’re interested in the card, you can learn about it on U.S. Banks secure application page.

Check out US Bank mobile payments in motion:

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