Travelocity Promo Offer, American Express Rewards Card

By on September 27, 2013

We really like how aggressive Barclaycard has been in partnering with so many travel brands. This time, they have partnered with both Travelocity and American Express to release a Travelocity promo offer on a rewards credit card. While this card is issued by Barclaycard, payments are processed through American Express, so this co-branded card offer is also affiliated with AMEX.

Travelocity Promo Offer Details

You can instantly earn 5,000 points by making just one purchase with this card. You can then earn another 5,000 points after you spend $1,000 on the Travelocity American Express Rewards card. This promo offer is unique in that it comes with no annual Fee, no blackout dates, no restrictions and a wide range of redemption options through Travelocity. You can redeem your points for flights, hotels, and various vacation packages.

The More Points You Accrue, The Greater Their Value

This card is also special in that the more points you earn, the bigger a statement credit you can receive. For instance, 5,000 points translates into a $50 credit, 10,000 will net you $100, and a mere 20,000 automatically makes your points worth 2x their original value. 20,000 points with this Travelocity Promo offer will net you $400! That being said, it makes sense to accrue some extra points before you redeem. More details on this can be found at the issuers website.

Promotional Signup Bonus – Automatically earn 5,000 points after your first purchase with this card. You can then earn an additional 5,000 points if you spend $1,000 dollars on your new card within the first 90 days. For a total of 10,000 points as a sign up incentive, this is not too bad for a no annual fee card.

Earn 3x Points – On any eligible Travelocity purchase, you’ll be earning 3 points per every $1 spent on your card. If you frequent or enjoy using Travelocity, these points will add up quickly.

Earn 1x Points – On any purchase made with the Travelocity Rewards Card, consumers earn 1 point per $1 spent.

Great Redemption Options – Redeem your earned points for statement credits. These credits can then be used on flights, hotels and other vacation type deals and packages available through

No Fees or Silly Restrictions – Travelocity’s promo offer also comes with no annual fee, no restrictions or black out dates. Allowing consumers to feel more comfortable with the flexibility this card can offer.

Overall, this Travelocity promotional credit card offer will be most valuable to the consumer who tends to use as their primary online travel agency. Remember, if you do sign up for this credit card, try your best to get your points balance up to 20,000 before you redeem any statement credits. Doing this will automatically double your rewards point balance when you decide to redeem them. Click ‘Apply’ below to view more details regarding this Travelocity promo offer at the issuers website.

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  1. jkmaroni

    December 5, 2013 at 8:38 am

    I love that this card rewards you for spending more. That can sometimes be a trap but it can also lead to delayed gratification. If you save up your points you get a much better return. Also I love that there is no annual fee, which is rare for this type of card. Thanks for the info.

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