New Chase ATMs Dispense Exact Change

By on March 20, 2013

If you’re a Chase customer, you may be excited to learn that there are some impressive new Chase ATMs. I always get excited about new technology that should have been here by now. Over the past couple of months, Chase has begun to place ATM machines that dispense more denominations at various branches. You’ll now be able to withdraw bills as low as $5 and $1, in addition to retrieving coins from the new ATMs. So far, the bank has only placed a few hundred of these new ATM systems across the country, but CNN Money reports that this number should increase substantially over the remainder of the year.

While Chase has a pretty good reputation for their consumer friendly style, this is a good move for the bank to up their convenience factor further. The new Chase ATMs wont feel as archaic when you use them, and seem to be structured around the tablet style platform. Like we saw the TV get “smart,” I think we’re beginning to see the gentrification factor hit the banks. About time!

Chase CheckingMoney Saving Tip with Chase: Chase checking customers who have a Freedom card may be able to earn additional cash back on transactions during promotions as they occur periodically. In the past, promotions have included up to 10% cash back on purchases, plus an additional 10 points per transaction.

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