Chase $200 Savings Account Bonus for 2015

By on September 22, 2013

Update – September 3rd, 2015! Chase is now offering up to a $500 bonus coupon if you open both a Chase Total Checking and Chase Savings account using special coupon codes.  We look at ALL current Chase savings coupon bonus offers and promotions below and provide some Chase savings account coupon codes for 2015.

Chase Savings Account Coupon 2015, Chase Savings Account Bonus Coupons $200, $300, $500

Chase continues to offer large cash bonuses to new Chase Bank customers with both their savings and checking account options. Note that there are numerous Chase Savings & Checking bonus offers currently on the market.  While the general Terms & Conditions apply to most, make sure you read the fine print for each Chase account and the particular coupon offer it may come with.  Chase Bank is currently offering up to $500 cash bonuses with savings account and checking account $250 $200, $150 and $50 bonus coupon codes.  Account bonuses are only available to new customers who open new savings or checking accounts.  Yes, that means you may be able to get double bonuses once per calendar year.  (Click here for coupon codes and information related to Chase checking accounts.) Below we take a look at Chase’s current 2015 savings account coupon offers, promotions and the bonus coupons associated with these bank accounts.

Chase Coupon Offers and Bonus Promotions, Chase Checking Bonus Coupons, Chase Savings Bonus Coupons

$200 Chase Savings Account Bonus Coupon

First, the Chase $200 savings account bonus offer is available to new customers who have a coupon code and make a $15,000 deposit. This $15,000 deposit into your new Chase savings account must be maintained for 90 days.

Chase Savings Account Coupon 2015, Chase Savings Account Bonus Coupon 2015How to get the Chase $200 Savings Account Bonus

1. Open a new savings account online or at your local Chase branch by August 15th, 2015 with a $200 savings account coupon code. (We provide some free Chase coupon codes below without paying on Ebay.  While supplies last, check back often)

2. Deposit $15,000 into your new account within 10 days of opening the account.

3. Maintain at least a $15,000 balance in your account for 90 days from the date of deposit.

If these three simple steps are completed within the allotted time frame, Chase will automatically deposit $200 into your account within 10 business days after the 90 days of maintaining a $15,000 balance are completed.

Chase $200 Savings Account Bonus Coupon Codes – Updated September 3rd, 2015.


$150 Chase Savings Account Coupon Bonus

Separately, there’s a new $150 chase savings account bonus available to consumers who open a savings account with Chase and have a $150 coupon code. Receiving the $150 bonus requires a deposit of $10,000 which must be maintained for 90 days. There are some terms associated with receiving the bonus, and we’ll detail these below.

Update: $150 Savings Account bonuses in 2015 are still being offered by Chase.  For the $150 Chase bonus, follow the same steps above except deposit and maintain $10,000 in the new account.

Chase $150 Savings Account Bonus Coupon Codes – Updated March 2nd, 2015.


(Hint: You’ll notice some of the above coupon codes are identical except for the last 4 digits. Try changing the last 4 digits for more coupon code options. We’ve been hearing of success with this.)

$200 Chase Savings Account Details and Perks

If you open an account using this $200 chase savings account bonus offer, the following perks will also come with your new account should you decide to keep it open. (The same perks are available with the $150 bonus).

Transfer Money – You’ll be able to transfer money to and from your new account through, any Chase ATM, and also with your mobile phone using the Chase mobile app. You can also schedule automatic transfers from checking to savings accounts.

Free Account Alerts – Being a Chase savings account holder allows you to receive free account alerts via email and or mobile phone. There is no charge for these alerts, though standard data rates may apply depending on your mobile provider.

Link your Chase Checking Account for Overdraft Protection – If you link your Chase checking account to your Chase savings account, you’ll be safeguarded from overdrawing your checking account as Chase will automatically transfer money over from your savings.

APY – While the APY for this savings account is low (0.01%), the bonus more than makes up for the low accrual rate. This is one of those free money opportunities that doesn’t come along all that often.

You can open a new Chase SavingsSM account at

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