What is Creditmedium.com?

My name is Charles.  I created Creditmedium.com to be a comprehensible platform where everyday consumers can browse CURRENT credit card offers and enhance their personal finance knowledge.


Our blog writers are young professionals with backgrounds in finance and have experience in working with credit related merchants and their products. More importantly, we’re consumers just like you.  We strive on an everyday basis to bring you honest personal finance insight and advice to the best of our knowledge and experience.  In a constantly evolving financial world, it’s hard for the everyday consumer to keep up with business news and financial tips.  We will always put our best foot forward to simplify personal finance and bring you a fresh perspective on money saving strategies. That’s why we write to share some of this “hidden knowledge” that we feel should be available to everyone.

Credit Cards

I’m a firm believer in that if you use credit cards responsibly, you can not only save money, but earn rewards that can significantly enhance your lifestyle.  CreditMedium.com is a portal.  An interface that allows for a simple, easy to read analysis of every card listed on this website.  All card information under our “Search Credit Cards” tab is provided to us directly from the card issuer.  In addition, you’ll find expertly written credit card reviews and concise summations of each product so you can learn the facts of an offer effectively. Browse, compare and apply for a card at one location.


CreditMedium.com has financial relationships with some of the merchants mentioned throughout our content.  If you apply through one of our referral links, we may receive a commission if you are approved for a credit card.  Should you choose to do so, we greatly appreciate your support of our website.